Social Media – Stop, Look, and Listen

When you look at your social media are you taking the time to think through it or are you just reacting?

You’re posting often, getting engagement, and you’re overwhelmed!

What is wrong with my page? Am I posting enough? What do my readers want that I’m not giving them?

These are all questions that I get on a regular basis.

Do you spend time thinking about what you want your social media to accomplish? If you do, great!  Keep reading, and add this to your work week! If you don’t… I highly recommend you read through this post and apply it!

When you think about your social media, I want you to know that thinking about your social media is different than coming up with a batch of posts.

To think about your social media is to stop, look and listen! Keep reading and I’ll explain!

Stop? You mean stop posting, stop engaging? No!


Take some time and block off a few hours. Make sure that the time is dedicated to blocking out the actual content thoughts, what post is going out, and when. This time is for you and your mind to think through the guts of your social media.


Get all of the data you can pull. Look at your Facebook Insights or your Twitter Analytics and write down data points that align with what you are trying to achieve. One of the things I’ve always said is “it’s not about the number of likes that you have on your Facebook page as much as it’s about the level of engagement that your posts get.”

For example… Say you have 50,000 fans on Facebook and your posting multiple times within a day. Of those 50,000 you only reach 200 on average. Do the math! That’s only .4%.

If you think about the amount of effort, time, and creativity that goes into your posts you should be getting more than .4%.   Well a good chunk of that is NOT your fault, it’s the way Facebook has put a value on your content in connection to the audience you are trying to reach. That aspect of the algorithm you can’t control.

But… You can still reach your audience with great content if you try! That’s why you need to pull the data so you can measure your posts rather than just posting and hoping people participate.


Alright, here is what you do! Pull the last 10 posts from each platform that you want to analyze and look at three things from each post.

  1. Time of Post – What time did your post get published?
  2. Reach or Impressions – The number of times it loaded on a computer or device.
  3. Engagement Percentage – The number of likes, shares, comments, favorites or retweets.

Put this data on a piece of paper or even an excel document so you can see how it all compares.

Look at this example I took a screenshot from my insights just today.

Now I know that I am not anywhere near the number Amy Porterfield has on her page but it gives me something to strive for.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.46.31 PM

Take the number of total number of engaged this week and divide that by the number of total page likes.

47/602 = 7.8% of my fans engaged with me for the week

This number is not necessary good or bad! You can simply see that my goal of increasing the level of engagement on my page is working and I’m meeting a goal that I set of increasing my engagement. You may set your goal at 1% or even 10%, but you should at least SET A GOAL.

While there are many other metrics to pull from on Facebook, this is a good quick way to make sure you are engaging your audience on Facebook.


After looking at the data that you pulled from Facebook Insights set a few goals.

One goal you can set is to increase your weekly reach. You can do this by taking an average of the reach achieved over a dedicated number of posts.

Omit the outliers if they are out of the ordinary and focus on the average reach number. If I were to look at these numbers over the past 10 or so posts I would get an average reach of 85.

A goal that I can set for myself would be a reach an average of 100. Notice I threw out the post that reached 384.

Once you have a goal or two set, use those goals to motivate and allow you to look at your social media activity in a new way.

The last thing you should do within this designated block of time is to LISTEN!


Social Media is a hot topic around web! There are blogs, books, groups, and websites that are designated solely to social media. Take some time and listen to what they are saying!

Here are a few sources for you:


And of course you can read our content at:


When you see what others are saying and doing with social media, it allows you to gain a sense of what you can do. Although you may not copy the exact style, you will gain motivation and insight on what you can begin to do for yourself!

To close, social media is not just a bunch of posts that you put out there and hope someone looks at. There’s more to it!

Take some time this week to Stop, Look and Listen so that you can gain more insight on how you can make your social media better!

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Until Next time!